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If cycling in the mountains brings to mind exhausting uphill routes, think again! When it comes to Troodos, the reality is vastly different.In the idyllic Mediterranean island of Cyprus the Troodos Cycling Network stands for roads and paths of extreme natural beauty that are also easy to ride. Like everything else on Aphrodite's isle, cycling is a love experience.

Nowhere in this natural, 57 km long circuit, does the altitude vary more than 400 metres. It's as if Mother Nature has conspired to keep the cyclists rested and relaxed. That way the mind is free to enjoy every rich and varied moment, filled with all kinds of gratifying experiences that touch the senses and nourish the spirit.






   Cyprus Troodos Cycling Routes Book


                               All the PDF e- Brochures was taken from the CTO. You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organiation office in Cyprus.