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Marathasa is a fertile valley, known for its cherry trees, situated on the northern slopes of the Troodos range. It is dotted with picturesque villages, such as Kalopanagiotis, Moutoullas and Pedoulas.

It can be reached from the north along the Lefkosia-Evrychou- Troodos road and from the south along the Lemesos-Platres-Prodromos road.


Pedoulas village is another village that lies in the Marathassa valley, found high up on Troodos Mountain at an altitude of 3,600 feet. It lies in a beautiful environment, encircled by spring waters, cherry trees and pine trees.

Lying in the region of southern Marathasa in the Limassol area, the village of Prodromos is situated at 4,500 feet above sea level and as a result, is the highest placed village in the whole of Cyprus.
Situated in the Marathasa valley is the village of Kalopanayioitis. The Agios Ioannis Lampadidistis Monastery to be found there is one of the many Cyprus monuments placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and is a popular attraction. One of the more spectacular resorts on the island it also has sulphur springs, traditional architecture, and a lavish valley.
Lying in the mountains in the Marathasa Valley of Troodos at 2,950 feet above sea level, the village of Moutoullas contains a 13th century Church which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary; ‘Panagia’. Panagia tou Moutoulla is one of the oldest steep-pitched wooden roof types with frescoes in the world, dating back to 1280 A.D. The village bottles and sells its famous mineral water nationwide and is also famous for its fruits. You are always welcome here by the village’s extremely friendly inhabitants.

Lemithou lies in the Marathassa region, one of the highest in Cyprus. At an altitude of 3,600 feet it is one of the 10 uppermost villages on the island. Its layout is remarkable since it is like that of an amphitheatre and is immersed in a beautiful green natural environment.