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The beautiful valley of Solea is situated along the main Lefkosia–Troodos road (56km from Lefkosia, 56km from Lemesos via Kato Amiantos).

The picturesque mountain villages of Galata and Kakopetria are popular hillside resorts with a range of hotels and restaurants, but they also retain much of their traditional architecture.

Both villages are famous for their Byzantine churches. Other charming villages in the area are Evrychou, Flasou and Korakou.


Found in the highest part of Solea valley at about 2,700 feet above sea level, Kakopetria village is a popular place for locals and tourists. Surrounded by a charming green natural environment including Giant oak trees, the village lies next to the Karkotis River.
Along with its neighboring village of Kakopetria, Galata welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year. Lying 60 km west of the capital in the scenic valley of Solea in the Troodos Mountains, Galata lies on both sides of the river Klarios in a rich verdurous environment.
In the centre of the forest ‘Adelfoi’ (Brothers), which itself lies in the middle of the mountainous green ‘amphitheatre’, the Spilia – Kourdari villages are characterized by very dense natural green, one of few villages to do so. The Atlas River originates from Spilia crossing Kourdali. The Klarios river branch springs up very near to Spilia as well.
Kaliana is very beautiful village that is surrounded by green forest and is built in the western side of Karkotis, with its own old history, the preservable popular architecture, the landscapes with the wild natural beauties, the unique hospitality of the residents, it has become an ardent desire for a lot of our compatriots that search desperately in order to acquire a place to build their shelter wanting to escape from the daily stress of the cities, feel calm and rest.